Monday, November 2, 2009

the blindsided blow off

For our female readers: this is perhaps the scariest kind of blow off.   The kind where you start dating someone and everything is going just swimmingly.  They call when they say they're going to call, they text when they say they're going to text, and they like to cuddle.   

Before you know it, you've changed your status on facebook to "in a relationship" and you've bought matching bra and underwear sets.   And then, suddenly without any warning, they blow you off.   (Note: don't buy the nice lingerie till you're at least three months in,  there's nothing worse than being taunted by Victoria's Secret post blow off.)

Beware of the dudes that seem too good to be true in the beginning, they usually are.  They move things at lightning speed, we go along with their pace, and then once they've had time to catch their breath, they freak out.   Ladies, don't be afraid to set the pace in a relationship (i.e. slow).   The reason couples are in love by the first act of a romantic comedy, is because things need to fall apart by the end of act two.  

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  1. ok, clearly it's time for me to post the infamous FRIENDLY text.