Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best of the BLOW OFF: the 'i still have to see you every day' BLOW OFF

i wasn't even particularly interested in him or at least never thought more of him than my "kinda cute, quirky, fun to shoot the shit with and flirt with, without really realizing you're flirting, co-worker." at some point i felt like he was noticing me more, flirting more and always wondering what i was up to for the weekend. i kinda liked it.

one day the "what are you up to this weekend" turned into "hey would you and your friends want to meet up with me and my friends at the white horse tavern saturday night." i kinda liked this even more.

we met-up, had drinks, flirted more than we ever did at work. i still didn't think anything would come of it until he planted an unexpected kiss on the dance floor. the unexpectedness (and drunkenness) of it made it more exciting than i ever expected.

so we ended up having one of those new york nights where you blow-off your friends to sit on a stranger's stoop 'til 4am - talking about everything you never have a chance to talk about at work (and making out off and on). i pretty much kept my cool, but felt like he was divulging all these feelings he had for me - how i was the cutest girl at work, how he liked it when i wore my hair curly, how i always made him laugh.

one topic of conversation was how neither one of us felt like we had a true passion in life - we didn't feel passionate about our work - we weren't particularly passionate about the arts, the sciences. our parents never pushed us to be great at any one thing. the night ended with him hailing me a cab and very last minute asking me if i wanted to go home with him. as much as i was kinda floating on cloud 9 i said no and jumped in a cab. after all, i felt like this was a start of a good thing and there would be more to come.


the next week at work it was pretty obvious he was avoiding me. my attempts at sending him IM messages were returned with one liners with no real flirtatious vibe. it was as if our '4am stoop love affair' never happened.

after several days of this weirdness i asked him to grab a drink with me after work. i needed to get to the bottom of this blow off. so we drank, we smiled, we talked about stupid work stuff - until i finally said "so what was the other night about? do you see it going anywhere?" which was returned by "remember when we talked about lacking passion in our life - well, i don't see us having that kind of passion between us." ouch. i was pissed, but more annoyed that he had even started anything with me.

we left the bar, i took his last cigarette, asked him if i hadn't asked him to drinks if he ever planned on telling me this. he said no. i said you're a fucking coward. he asked if he could walk me to the subway. i told him he could fuck off.

and then i had to see him every single day at work. the beautiful thing - he was kinda scared of me. every time he approached the kitchen and i was in there he would turn around and walk the other way, flustered and red in the face.

after several weeks of missing my josh ritter cd i finally went up to his desk, made small talk, got my cd back. soon after things were back to normal.

so in the end he did blow me off, but he also blew off google and left pre-IPO for grad school because "he ran the numbers and leaving for business school now would result in more money for him in the near future".

who's the sucker now?!??


  1. Love this story. hooking up with co-workers is dangerous! Who wants to see the person they've been blown off by everyday?

    You're a rockstar for confronting him outright. There are about a gajillion boys I would love to call a coward, still, to this day.

    Does that make ME the sucker???