Monday, November 30, 2009

Best of the BLOW OFF: The "I'm sorry, you're not Asian" blow off.

okay, okay--- i've been getting harassed to post one of my own blow off stories. Believe me, there are many. This one had the least emotional scarring and i'm still facebook friends with the guy, so i figured it was the safest one to post.

Here's the long and short of it. Met the guy at the infamous 7B bar in the east village. He struck up a conversation like most guys i've met in bars, do--- "i like your nose ring." i was going through a break up (story coming soon), so i t was game on.

i usually judge a guy by how well they get my sarcasm and sassy wit (throw me a bone, this is a story of how i got rejected, i need to build myself up too). this guy had almost as witty responses to my amazingly awesome one-liners. i mean, awesome folks.

what followed was a string of dates that started out nice and consistent. let's just say i laughed more than i cried. i guess the signs were all there though. he'd lived in china for a year, he spoke mandarin (or was it cantonese), his ex was Asian, he worked for some Chinese textile company. wait, why was i surprised by this blow off.

basically, the end is kind of anti-climactic. the dates became more infrequent, till finally i called him out and didn't hear from him again. Until i randomly hung out with him till 6am my last night in NY (and he still wouldn't make out with me). According to his facebook page, he is now dating....drumroll asian girl.

So, for all the asian girls that are furious over the asian fetish, think about how furious it makes all of us non-asians. I mean, have you ever met a guy who has a Persian fetish? Me neither. i will say, this is probably the best kind of blow off. instead of examining the 50 other reasons he may have blown me off (was it too soon to treat him to dinner for his bday one month in?), i can just chalk it all up to his asian fetish. There is one thing i will never forgive him for though--- he's the dude that taught me the ins and outs of text messaging. grrr.


  1. but you are asian. maybe it was just his way of saying you're ugly.

  2. ah the asian persuasion... didn't know that existed outside of the bay area. Love that little picture, whereever did you find it!