Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Next Door BLOW OFF

The lovely slim shared her story to our readers on the "i still have to see you everyday blow off." Here's another one of a similar nature.

it happened in NY, the scene of so many of my blow offs. My roommate called me at work one day to tell me two hot guys were moving in next door. Niether of us could believe it. hot guy neighbors and hot guys on planes only happen in TV shows! Flash forward to six months later, we've had basically no contact with the hot guys, until one night way past midnight, when i decide to knock on their door.

maybe it was the drinks i had earlier in the night, or maybe it was my roommate and her brand new bf sneaking into her bedroom, while i sat on the couch and ate leftover cold noodles, or maybe it was the six month dry spell...whatever it was, something came over me.

So, i fixed my hair, put on some make up, and knocked on their door. There apartment always smelled like "coffee" so i figured it would seem legit if i'd ask if they had any "coffee" i could "borrow." Sure enough, they opened the door looking like they'd drank a lot of "coffee." being good neighbors, they offered to share some of their "coffee" with me. Before i knew it, i was sitting on their couch, watching Y tu Mama Tambien and drinking "coffee." the one i thought was the cutest barely spoke to me the whole time, the tall & goofy one made all the conversation. i was kind of bummed, but at that point, i just really needed the company. Then, out of nowhere tall & goofy said good night and went to bed. i was ready to say good night too, but then cutest put the moves on me. i won't go into any details, but i am a lady, and it was all very innocent. i did, however, do a very brief walk of shame back to my apartment the next morning.

this should have turned out to be my quintessential NY romance (we shared a fire escape for god's sake!) but instead it was totally humiliating. everytime we ran into each other, it was extremely awkward. i had to worry about looking pretty just to go out into the hall and do laundry. and i'm embarrassed to admit, i spent way too much time looking cute on the fire escape hoping he'd open his window and flirt with me. One of those nights, i was in head to toe cocktail attire, having just come home from an awards show for work. I was talking to my good friend from cali on the phone neighbor came out....with another girl. they were actually embracing and kissing on the fire escape, while i was sitting out there talking on the phone. i was trapped. i certainly couldn't go straight to my room, cause it would be too obvious. i tried to have a normal phone conversation, but i was mortified. if that wasn't his way of blowing me off, i don't know what was, but did he have to do it on the oh so sacred fire escape?!

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