Thursday, November 19, 2009

POP CULTURE blow off of the day: i don't love you.

Remember when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got obnoxiously famous after Good Will Hunting?  So do we.   Even though they were uber-annoying once they started dating Gwyneth and Winona, we can't help but love the movie that made them that way.

The blow off scene between Schuyler and Will is pretty heartbreaking, but do guys ever really blow someone off, because they're terrified of how much they love them or does that only happen in the movies?   If only Schuyler talked to Robin Williams before this scene.  Then she'd know the magic words to get through to Will were "It's not your fault."   P.S. stay tuned for THE BLOW OFF on Oprah post starring Matt and Minnie.


  1. Awww Matt's so LITTLE here!!!! Who would've thought that this guy would end up being JASON BOURNE.

  2. that made me tear up!