Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best of the BLOW OFF-- SAF: The Magical Blow Off

As a single person, it's been a little harder to share my blowoff stories so liberally. It's all kosher fun when you're in a committed relationship and can look back and laugh at the good ol' days of dating--but it's not so easy when you're still mining through these muddy waters.

And let me tell you, these waters are thick and full of parasites and other unclassified strains of questionable male/female species.

That said, I am chock full of priceless blowoff stories that are too good to take with me to the grave. That would be selfish. So herewith is "The Magical Blow-Off."

Over a year ago, I was kinda-sorta-not-really seeing this guy. He lived in SF, and I lived in NYC. While I do believe that love can blossom no matter how long the distance, this wasn't one of those situations. I did like the guy, but more than anything, it was just for fun. We emailed and phoned once in a while, but it never ventured into serious relationship territory. All told, I only saw him about four or five times over six months. I mean, come on, that couldn't even be considered dating, could it? NO.

All while this was happening, I decided to move back to the Bay. I never discussed this with him until the final hour, because quite frankly, he never really factored into the equation. I think I also knew, in the back of my mind, that he would freak out.

And he did. To him, it seemed like I was moving back for him. He panicked.


He called me immediately. I knew it was coming. "This is really hard for me to say..." he began awkwardly. And then he finally uttered the words that, to this day, still floors me: "You're really great on paper, but I never felt the magic with you."

K.O., Pacquiao style.

Moment of silence please...


Yes, it was a shock to the ego, and it hurt a little that he was blowing me off in general, but I've gotta give it to the guy-- that is one hellava line. Do you think he thought of it before he called me? Maybe he practiced saying it over and over in front of the mirror several times? It's just too good to have thought of it off the cuff-- poetic almost. Almost.

I'm not magical my ass! I'm pretty much the most magical person you'll ever meet. (It's true, ask Sara).

Proof: Dude hella contacted me out of nowhere recently after a year of no contact. It was as though he had a very delayed reaction to the magic. Sorry, TOO LATE.

It's always fun here in these magically muddy waters as an SAF. Never a dull moment, that's for sure.


  1. Kayoko is def magical. just try her bacon wrapped dates and you'll know what i mean. that sounds so weirdly sexual.

  2. mmmhmm. i'll make them for you any day, sweetie!