Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SAF: The Over 30 Rule

I was at a bar with a couple of single friends, one girl, one guy. Conversation inevitably turns to relationships and dating. (Do we not, as a generation, have anything better to talk about?? We are SO self-involved!)

Girl (30yo) says, "I have a theory. Basically, I am suspicious of guys who are over 30 and still single. There must be something wrong with them."

Guy (31yo) says, "Funny you should say that cause guys think the same thing about girls."

Irony being that my girlfriend totally thought that this "Over 30 Rule" applied only to guys, and not girls at all. She used to say to me, "It's different for girls..."

Apparently not.

I'm so fucked.

Correction: WE ARE ALL FUCKED.


  1. look on the bright side, you're still 29!!!

  2. Every generation is self-involved, why should we be any different? The search for a partner/companion is fairly universal and isn't something to be embarrassed about.

    I wouldn't use the word "suspicious" for women over 30. I think it's more the concern about the biological clock.

    Plus I'm turning 30 in a month and need to find a way to not be suspicious!

  3. T- i hear you on not being suspicious. i too turn 30 in april.

    although as Sara says, 30 is the new 20. i'm so over being in my 20s-- it's been awkward-angst central.

    and what is it with everyone being anonymous or not using actual names on here??? REVEAL YOURSELVES! as you said, T, this is nothing to be ashamed about.

  4. can you believe we are turning 30?? Although it is a bit scary, I welcome it. I won't be pregnant or nursing or changing diapers all that junk.

    Just imagine yourself as one of those sex in the city girls. but i guess it is harder to meet men in cupertino....

    just so you know, i will be "self-involved" 'til the day I die.