Monday, November 30, 2009

the six month BLOW OFF

It's an unwritten dating rule that if you're on the fence about someone, you've got to shit or get off the pot at the six month mark. Once you start getting closer to YEAR ONE of dating and further away from DAY ONE of dating, you can consider yourself in a "serious" relationship.

I once had a mutual blow off with a guy at the six month mark. Here were some signs that I needed to get off the pot so to speak.

*I was lonely when I started dating him. Two of my best friends were in serious relationships and I'd just learned the last guy I really liked was madly in love with someone else. Thus, my standards were a little low.
*He broke out his anti-depressants at brunch the morning after our first overnight date. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with taking meds, but it's not necessarily something you need to whip out right off the bat.
*He was 25 and lived with his parents. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but a lot harder to swallow if the person has NEVER lived away from home. To be fair, he did move into an apartment with friends three months in.
*I knew I would never introduce him to my parents and had a panic attack after I met his.
*He had an abnormal amount of earwax build up, yet he was totally OCD about germs.
*He'd never tried mussels. This might sound totally snobby, but I can't get with guys who aren't adventurous when it comes to food.
*I actually told him that I knew I would never fall in love with him.
*I couldn't get past his high water pants. I swear the guy wore clothes that fit him ten years ago, but at the time practically looked like capris and midriff baring tops.

I'm sure he had a long list of reasons I was wrong for him too. We mutually decided to end things and I was practically giddy after it was over. But, before long, loneliness set in and I actually missed the guy. I guess sometimes we're willing to overlook a lot in exchange for a little companionship. And even if the companion is all wrong, it can still be hard getting used to being alone again. I'm glad I was brave enough to fly solo though, otherwise, I'd be in a six year relationship with a guy who didn't use Q-tips.


  1. i feel partly responsible that you even went out with him that long, given that i was one of the two said best friends in a relationship. UGH.

    we should have both just stayed single so we could go dancing at Niagara and Tribe every Saturday night.

    in defense of this guy Sara's talking about, he actually wasn't that bad. i liked the guy, he was quirky and had a greatly dark sense of humor. his highwaters were AWESOME.

    but it's true, Sara was def not ever that into him.

    and that's what the 6-month mark is for: to dump it and move on if you'just not that into it. it's kinda too bad that it takes that long though, but i guess it's better than 6 YEARS.

  2. I love the accompanying photo.