Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spotting the blow off from a mile away

From one of our friends and readers here at the blow off:

"I went to visit his guy I had been dating for a while and was really starting to fall for (remember, I am captain long-distance relationship so he lived about 3 hours away). The first night was amazing but the second night, well, I guess I kinda let on that I was super excited about the relationship and kinda freaked him out. Let's just say, I saw the blow-off coming in the progress of his breakfast making skills.

He knew that I had a routine of eating toast with peanut butter every morning... and that I only like creamy pb. The first morning (after our great night) he brought me breakfast in bead, toast and pb but since he only had crunchy peanut butter... he picked out all of the chunks! The second morning (after scary night) he still made me toast but didn't pick out peanuts in the pb, I am pretty sure he actually made me spread it myself too. The third morning (blow off on the horizon) he shrugged and said, "make whatever you want, I have to head to work, I'll talk to you later."

After driving home and calling him, he emailed me 'I need time to think.' 3 weeks later, I emailed him 'had enough time to think? let's talk' and he emailed me back something along the lines of 'what is there to talk about? I think it pretty much resolved itself.' The happy ending to this is that I was somewhat blowing off another guy at the time b/c I was in this 'relationship' and finally realized that I had been focusing my energy on the wrong dude.

Editor's note:
the guy she almost blew off is now her husband. And we're willing to bet he knows to keep creamy peanut butter in the house!

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