Wednesday, November 4, 2009

think twice before you blow off

He was so cute, so charming, so funny, but also so short (so I thought). But who was I to talk, all 5 feet 1 inches of me? I had just relocated to SF from NYC with my NY style still in full effect, with a closet full of beautiful high heeled shoes. After our first couple of dates I decided I had to retire my heels for flats - I barely owned a pair of flats, so this was a good excuse to shop.

With my new flats on my feet we decided to walk to Fillmore Street for our third date (about 6 blocks). After 3 blocks I was in pain and upon reaching the restaurant bathroom the back of my ankles were a bloody mess.

WTF? No guy should make me retire my heels, no guy should make my feet bleed!! At first, I thought that's it, I need to break it off with shorty. And bring back the heels. But I couldn't, he was winning me over date after date. So I decided what's heels got to do got to do with it? What's height but a second hand emotion?

So I got over myself and married him 2 years later and still have a closet full of heels!

Think twice before you lose out on the love of your life! Some things are just not important.


  1. Love it! Good message here, gotta decrease the list of deal breakers. btw, i know you're only five feet tall.

  2. You make a good point about deal-breakers. I think when we're being over-picky about the superficial stuff is when we're just not ready to get serious and need reasons to blame it on.

    It is, afterall, all about compromise, right?