Tuesday, November 24, 2009

unattractive desperation & the BLOW OFF

From one of our readers:

"I woke up one morning to a text message on my phone: Do you want to spend any more time with me?

When i'm on the fence, this is just the comment that makes it all crystal clear. It could have meant a few things, delivered in a number of tones, but all i read was unattractive desperation.

It's so over. But how exactly can i say that? I did what any man does when faced with a challenging question: say as little as possible without actually lying. I waited it out. Silence speaks louder than words.

After four hours I finally wrote back, Let's talk tonight, respectably not wanting to broach the poetic subject like a twelve year old girl. I get an immediate response, Waiting till tonight sounds painful, if you don't want to see me again, just say so. Ok, then: I appreciate the time we had together but...

What can i say, she made me do it."

1 comment:

  1. HILARIOUS! But come on, folks, you've gotta give this girl props for being so pridelessly... BALLSY! How many times have you wanted to write such a pathetic text just so you KNOW how the other person really feels?

    OMG and the last guy I went out with totally waited 4 hours to send me the dump text after I asked him out to dinner.

    Wait, Noah, IS THIS YOU???