Thursday, November 19, 2009

the "wait, you're blowing me off?" BLOW OFF

Another disappearing act story from one of our readers. Sometimes the most annoying blow offs come from the people you weren't really interested in anyway:

"I met this guy on a few months ago. He’s a cop in orange county (lives in Huntington Beach). Nice looking guy in his pictures. We exchanged emails for a while and then exchanged numbers and had some phone conversations. He only works 4 days/week and usually on the weekends, so we decided to meet for dinner on a Tuesday night in Santa Monica. I told him he could meet me in front of my building after I got home from work. I see him walking down the street and he’s clearly much bigger than the pictures I saw. To be fair, he told me that he had put on some weight because he had been out on disability due to a back injury. He told me he gained 15 pounds. This was clearly more than 15 pounds.

But, I didn’t want to be the guy to dismiss someone because of weight, especially because of the circumstances, so I smiled, shook his hand and we headed off to dinner. He had a great personality. He loves his job and realized how fortunate he was to be able to do something he loves. He also persevered in order to get the job, so he had many admirable qualities. So, as I’m going through the date, I’m thinking the weight thing might not even be an issue because he’ll lose it and there’s a lot to like about him, so I’d give it another date. We walked around the promenade, talking and as we would walk by different restaurants, he’d say, “oh we should try this one next time.” I agreed. We parted ways with a hug at his car and he sent me text that he got home safely and had a good time. I said I had a good time too. We exchanged a couple of texts the next day. They were minor, “hope you’re having a good day” texts. Then, I just stopped hearing from him. I would send him a text and he would take a while to respond and then just say he’s been busy. Then he just stopped contacting me. It was just so weird. How do you go from “we should eat here next time,” to coldly cutting off contact?

Anyway, it was just another in my dating mistrials in LA."

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