Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to the blow off

Over the years, we've heard endless horror stories of relationships gone wrong. Maybe the blow off came after the first date, maybe it came after the first year. Regardless of the timing, the side effects of rejection are always the same: humiliation mixed with sadness, anger, and sometimes complete and total shock.

So, what's your best story? Copy and paste that painful blow off email that found it's way into your inbox. Re-type that text message that's been imprinted into your memory forever. Or even file a missing person's report for the worst kind of blow off: the one where you just simply never hear from the person again. Better yet, confess your own sins of blowing someone off.

Give us the back story or don't. Change the names or don't. It's up to you. We all need closure, we all need advice, and we've all had our heartbroken, so let's have a good laugh (or a good cry) together.

Send us your story to and we'll post to our website.

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