Wednesday, December 2, 2009

POP CULTURE blow off of the day: there was nothing to do but go...only i didn't.

The Wonder Years is hands down one of the best TV shows ever. It explored the 60s before Mad Men, it gave us insight into the teenage psyche before My So-Called Life, and it gave us the more talented Savage brother (uh, Boy Meets World anyone?) Also, if we could have Daniel Stern narrate this blog, we would.

Above all else, The Wonder Years gave us the romance of Kevin and Winnie. Below is probably the best scene from the series. Kevin and Winnie see each other for the first time after she dumped him nine episodes ago. Things between them are awkward and distant, but when Winnie gets into a car accident, Kevin waits at her house till the sun goes down. So with that, here's to the people that blew us off, that we still look back on fondly....