Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BLOWOFFISM: the girl equation

My twenty-one year old brother just started dating a girl and a week in she's already earned the label of stage five clinger.

He explained to me that there's a full proof equation when it comes to dating women. A girl can only be two out of three of the following things: hot, sane, single.

Hot + Sane = Taken

Hot + Single = total psycho

Sane + Single = fugly

I'm more like cute + sane until you piss me off = taken. Where do you fit?


  1. My version: "Cute, smart, available - choose two." I don't include "sane" because I've been told it's not an option :)

  2. WHOA WHOA HOLD UP KIA. I think I'm pretty sane... and hot... ok, only sometimes. I've been single for a while too though. So where does that leave me?