Thursday, January 7, 2010

POP CULTURE blow off of the day: this is an incredibly romantic moment and you're ruining it for me.

One of my best friends was recently told he was like "Duckie" from Pretty In Pink--- "not the most attractive guy in the room, but he has his own thing going on."

It got me thinking about the movie and the fact that Duckie actually is the most attractive guy.   He's got style, class, personality, not to mention the ability to flawlessly lip sync to Try a Little Tenderness.  What does Blane have to offer besides that pouty little look that says "it's not easy being rich and gorgeous?"

The last sequence of Pretty In Pink should go down in history as one of the best movie endings ever.  It's just more proof that John Hughes was a genius and no other writer has body of work quite as iconic (hats off to Howard Deutch too who directed the movie).   

I can't decide what the best part of the ending is--- The 80s prom dresses, OMD's "If You Leave", Andie showing up all nervous in that terrible pink prom dress (we just don't get heroines like Molly Ringwald in movies anymore), the look of relief on her face when she sees adorable Duckie and Duckie's adorable shoe move (still to this day Jon Cryer's best role; according to imdb-- Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Downey, Jr both turned down the role), Blane's line to Steff: "that's it Steff.  She thinks you're shit. Deep down you know she's right."  (side note: how can you not love a movie that has guys in it named Blane and Steff?), Blane and Andie's emotionally wrought exchange (Andrew McCarthy is so underrated!), and finally when Duckie gives the love of his life permission to follow her heart.  

What's Blane and Andie's "incredibly romantic moment" is really just Duckie getting blown off, but in an obligatory happy ending move, he immediately gets hit on by a cute blonde.  Yay!

According to IMDB, the original ending had Andie and Duckie getting together, but test audiences wanted her with Blane (I would pay money to see this ending).   All the actors had to return for reshoots, and McCarthy had shaved his head for another film, so he sports a wig in the below video.  Also according to IMDB, per Molly Ringwald, she thought if Downey had taken the part, the ending would have stuck, because she saw him less as a brother figure than Cryer.  But there are also contradicting reports on IMDB: one says John Hughes was also concerned the original ending would send the message that rich and poor people don't belong together, another says the ending was forced upon him by the studio and in retaliation he made Some Kind of Wonderful which has the reverse ending (apparently, Molly Ringwald blew off the chance to star in that movie, which ended her working relationship with Hughes).

Anyway, watch the scene yourself to bask in its greatness (but not if you haven't seen the whole film!).   Don't be scared by the 10 minute length, the last four minutes are just the credits.

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