Monday, January 25, 2010

SAF: With Whom to Watch Television

I had this epiphany while I was driving today: All I really want in a partner is someone who will watch TV with me and laugh at all the same jokes. This would be my definition of companionship.

Working at a restaurant on weekend mornings, I now find comfort watching couples who come in, order breakfast and chit chat in between sips of coffee while intently reading the paper. I used to scoff at this-- How boring! I once thought. Now I'm starting to understand (slowly) that a companion is someone you can sit still with and... not have to talk.

But I do like to laugh, which is why the TV is perfect. The true test is when you and your date can watch a ridiculously awesome show like GLEE and giggle at all the lame jokes about Mr. Schuester's jerry curl.


I used to have fantasies of being whisked off my feet and going on romantic getaways to faraway places and getting wined and dined. But I've learned that I can do all that for myself-- it no longer impresses me. Remember Sara's post about her date with a dude who drove a BMW and made tons of money? I bet she would have much rather stayed home that night in front of the boobtube, watching reruns of (the original) Melrose Place. We can take ourselves out to dinner, thank you very much!

Of course I'm oversimplifying here. Yes, I want him to be intelligent, funny, generous, ambitious, blah blah. I could go on forever about all that I want in a man! But when it all boils down, let's just watch tv and laugh together. Doesn't that sound lovely?

Above photo: Terence Television via Flickr.

*Kayoko is an aspiring bartender currently living in the Bay Area.


  1. I knew it was love when we first watched America's Next Top Model, side by side in bed.

  2. i used to have my feelings hurt when bryon would read the paper when we went out to brunch, but you are right about the "sit still and not have to talk" thing. now if only he'd watch gossip girl and project runway with me.

  3. I have to say, I kind of think this is a grass is always greener thing. I just came off a long haul of mutual couch surfing, and it loses its luster pretty quickly. Sometimes I think that being quiet/having alone time right next to each other can feel even lonelier. Sorry to be a downer! On a side note, I have some amazing girlfriends who I'll never get tired of sitting on the couch next to (or making out with ;))

  4. Wait, tell me: how come you could couch it with your gfs and not your bf? I think that was my point for this post-- we all (men and women) have such lofty ideals to what a relationship is supposed to be (passionate, thrilling, fresh), when really all anyone with a dayjob wants to do when they get home is veg out. Maybe it's those quiet moments that matters most?

    What do I know, though. I've been single for years, so I totally forget how inanely banal relationships can also get.

    Yes, the grass is always greener. Let's just all MAKE OUT.

  5. Dude, I totally agree with you Kayoko. Pretty much everything you said. Although I feel that I already knew this stuff, it is nice to read it from somebody elses pen; makes one appreciate what they have! Erin and I do love to watch TV together minus those weird shows that she watches about little people, toddlers in pageants, etc.

  6. Aw Shawn, thanks for reading! I don't want to undermine the importance of romance or deep connections or being taken out once in a while, etc; however, I will say that the most enjoyable dates I've been on lately has involved watching lame TV. I went on one "adventurous" date recently which was a total disaster, which actually prompted me to write this, I think. Now that I'm almost 30, I want different things... like watching TV. Could it be that simple?

    Hello Jones-y! Thanks for reading, you!

  7. So many great comments = great post. i think the point is, you got to have a combination of both-- vegging out and a little adventure and a guy who knows how to plan things. Too much of one over the other is no good.

  8. "A guy who knows how to plan things." You are a genius-- SO TRUE.

  9. Shit, I suck at planning things. Note to self.

  10. Shawn dear, don't worry. You are not alone. Sara- you and I should start seminars for men on this subject. We'll call it, PLANNING AHEAD: How Making a Restaurant Reservation Can Get You Laid.