Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The MALE-dar Phenomenon

I've noticed over the years that guys have a special super power called MALE-dar. It's kind of eerie, but this is how it works.

1. They blow you off.

2. They disappear.

3. They reappear just when you move on to another guy.

How do you boys know how to do this??? It's uncanny. Do you implant some sort of micro-chip in all the girls you date that's wired to go off when they've let another guy into their bed/heart/girl parts?

I had a friend who was dating a boy who was super non-commital. He pretty much disappeared, she met another guy, and weeks later he texted her and said she'd left an earring at his place and asked if he could give it back to her. She never responded. Another friend just went on a dinner date recently with a new prospect and at dinner she got a text from an ex who said he was eating at their favorite restaurant in NY and he wished she was with him. When I lived in NY, I had my best first date ever with a guy, went home for the holidays, and my ex's MALE-dar kicked in and he seduced me. I ended up not pursuing the new guy only to get blown off again by the ex. I learned my lesson after that.

So, girls--- has this happened to you before? And boys, how the heck do you do it? Is it just a major coincidence that your "i need to get laid" alarm goes off at the same time we've met someone else or is there some crazy cylon shit going on here? Comment below.


  1. i think girls are guilty of this more often than guys nowadays

  2. sadly this has never happened to me. maybe it's because when guys blow me off i confront them, berate them, step on their soul. i basically rip the male-dar out of their chests.

  3. I'm thinking it has something to do with a certain level of calling/texting/FBing/standingoutsideourwindowplayingPeterGabriel that we feel while you're still into us. We enjoy it, take it for granted, build our self esteem, and then one day we feel "Hey, I don't sense that girl wanting me anymore. Let's see what she's up to."

  4. OMG. One of those stories sounds familiar?! Hmmmmm. Can I get a writing credit? Wink.

    P.S. This stuff has happened to almost every girl I know and only a few boys I know. It's not an exact science, but I vote that MALE-dar is real.

  5. "I ended up not pursuing the new guy only to get blown off again by the ex."

    Ummm...why is called "not pursuing" when you do it, and it's called getting "blown off" when it's done to you? Sounds to me like a perfectly good guy who you had a wonderful first date with got totally BLOWN OFF by you! :)

  6. Have you had men reappear when you weren't newly with another guy? Of course you have. But it doesn't stick out.

    The situation you bring up seems significant because it is dramatic: "Who do I choose!?!?!"

    There is no MALE-dar. He is not picking up that you are with "some other guy." He's horny, and lazy, so instead of going out to meet new women, he's going through his phone book, casting his line, hoping to get a bite. Do you really think you're the first or only "ex" he called looking to hook up?

  7. Holler with the controversial comments! O. that is so true, i did blow that guy off. i didn't even think about it that way! stay tuned for that post...

    Anonymous #2-- i think the situation is more annoying than it is dramatic. and you are right, i'm probably not the only ex they call looking for a hook up. just like slim, sometimes they know i won't be receptive to any contact so they steer clear (right Evan?)

    the point is, boys (and girls), horny is not a fair excuse to mess with exes. leave them alone so they can continue pretending you died in a freak accident.