Monday, February 22, 2010

POP CULTURE blow off the day: Cause it's die muthafuckas die

Inspired by my first day of unemployment and St. Clare's post below, here's a clip for everyone that's ever gotten laid off.   Okay, I know I actually quit my job, and that's a little like a dumper telling a dumpee they know just how they feel, but minor details aside, my self imposed unemployment means a lot more up to date posts on the blow's a win win, people.  But to all the folks that are coping post-lay off, hang in there.  We promise once you get a new job, you'll wonder why you ever even wasted your time on the old one.   Starting today, stop thinking about getting laid off and start thinking about getting laid.  

P.S. Since this isn't the first time we've referenced Office Space on this site, we're also adding a little dash of The Family Guy to our pop culture blow off of the day.   That's how effing cool we are, boys and girls.   

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