Friday, March 5, 2010

Best of the BLOW OFF: Well, now that song is ruined

One minute I'm an adult, driving my down Wilshire, worrying about traffic I really don't have time for, and then with the punch of a radio pre-set button, I'm 19 again. I'm sitting on the tailgate of a pickup during a summer house party and I'm getting my heart stomped on with breathtaking swiftness.

It's the damn song. Every time I hear it, I go right back to a moment when someone I loved (but let's be honest, didn't really trust) confirmed my fears and told me that I meant nothing. Playing like an ironic soundtrack to my pain was this stupid song from a stupid CD he'd gotten the day before. It blared from the inside of the truck we were sitting on and somewhere I could hear a friend belting out: "It's been a while, but I can still remember just the way you taste!"

That's right, the song that whisks me back to my most painful blow off is "It's Been a While" by Staind. Even more embarrassing, I listen to it every time. I'm not sure why. My dad has no qualms about changing the station every time he hears a particular Simon and Garfunkel song that reminds him of a break up years before he even met my mother.

Once my brother groaned when I popped David Gray's White Ladder into the CD player. He told me it reminded him, not of his own break up, but of mine. Apparently I spent one Christmas break home from college wandering around the house in my pajamas, listening to that album and generally acting like the before moments in an ad for antidepressants. I laughed when he reminded me. Though I'm sorry I ruined it for him, I just think of it as an album I listened to a lot that year.

So what's your song? What diddies serves as your own personal DeLorean to heartbreaks past?


  1. Love it! In high school, my mom seriously wanted to send me to a therapist, because I would listen to Jewel's Pieces of You album over and over again. Foolish Games really spoke to me. Glycerine by bush is another classic. Trailer Trash by Modest Mouse always gets me too.

  2. "Don't Wake Daddy" by the Tragically Hip always gets me. For obvs reasons.
    TBay Ray

  3. Sadly, I have entire playlists of songs...yes, I'm THAT girl. I had to stop listening to country for a year b/c every other song was "our song". To narrow it down though, I'd have to say "Here Without You" by 3Doors Down is a biggie, but I'd have to say "Stay" by Sugarland is the one that makes me want to vomit and/or break something. I was told that this song reminded him of me and our relationship. Always what you want to hear from the man you love, that the ultimate pathetic other-woman song reminds him of you!


  4. EKR, you are so much better off. Great song, but eff that guy.

  5. Mine is Me & You by Kenny Chesney...I'm a country girl, I admit. And you know what pisses me off about that being the song? I really like that song still. I liked it before and I still like it, but I hate that I think of that jackhole when it comes on. He's definitely not worthy of ruining a good song, that's for damn sure.