Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why we would never BLOW OFF Ryan Gosling

I've been trying to get some boys to be regular contributors to the blow off, cause the last thing we want is for this blog to be about a bunch of whiny girls bitching and moaning about their bad dating experiences.   Most of you dudes have yet to step up to the plate except for the wonderful "O." who wrote us a kick ass post on the supreme court blowing off democracy and Lahoma00 who tripled our gay readership with his awesome post.   Some of you have sent us your stories and have commented on posts (mostly as "Anonymous"), but other than that it's been slow going. We know you're embarrassed to admit you've been rejected as many times as we have or that you're still haunted by the women you've left in your wake, but get over it.

So, in an effort to bring a little more testosterone to the site and at the risk of intimidating the manhood of prospective male contributors , here's an interview with Ryan Gosling.  Hear how his attitude on relationships has changed from starring in The Notebook to starring in Blue Valentine, the Sundance movie I'm most excited to see.   The film intercuts the happiest time of Gosling/William's relationship with the shittiest time.   And okay, full disclosure, he's basically my #1, and I was really just looking for any angle to post this video.  Don't hate. 


  1. loved this and i love him. he just keeps it so real. and from now on every time i'm in a bar and my "get off my ass to dance my as off" song comes on i'll be thinking of him.

  2. still can't believe i saw him at the Dresden on a date, which must have been pretty much the same week as this interview.

    yes, the best sighting EVER, i just wished i was wearing my glasses. damn!

  3. best celeb sighting of all time. i love what he says about women who are with house husbands.