Friday, March 19, 2010

the Best Actress BLOW OFF?

It's all over the blogosphere...if you win an Oscar for Best Actress, your relationship is totally fucked.  Thank Jesus I was the weakest link in my Young A.C.T. acting classes and quit that shit when I was fifteen.  Although, the same year Sofia Coppola won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, she and Spike Jonze filed for divorce.  (That's gonna really put a damper on writing my masterpiece.)

So, maybe what the Oscar curse really means is that women are capable of happy and solid relationships, unless they have the misfortune of being more successful than their significant others?  This totally bites.  Especially since female breadwinners and stay at home dads are becoming more common.  If the scales are tipped for good, will the world end up with a bunch of uber successful single chiquitas and a bunch of emasculated men?

Let's hope there are dudes out there that can deal with us Type A females and won't stick it in the next stripper who makes them feel like hot shit.  I for one was really bummed out to hear that Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock and many of my facebook friends teased me about it.  I know, I know, I shouldn't be surprised when a guy is unfaithful, especially if he has tattoos and used to be married to a porn star.  Sigh.  I guess the ambitious female in me really wanted to believe that a woman's career peak doesn't have to be followed by a romance low. I feel bad that Sandra's loving acceptance speeches are gonna come back to haunt her.  It's humiliating.  

But if this is the outcome that societies forced on us, then I offer this solution to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences: start making Oscars that vibrate.  

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  1. I just knew Jesse would end up being a cheater...mainly because I love him, which usually equals CHEATER!