Friday, March 12, 2010

Blow Off By Proxy, #2

They'd been fighting a lot lately and the weekend camping trip with his friends seemed to be the beginning of the end. We all knew Jen was about to break up with Donnie.

Jen was (and continues to be) my best friend. So obviously, I was on her side. But I liked Donnie. Over the course of their long distance relationship, we'd become friends. He'd drive into town on the weekends and stay in our tiny dorm room. He didn't hog the remote or mind if I tagged along to the movies. He was sweet and funny, but as hard as they tried, he and Jen just didn't fit.

A couple of days before she actually pulled the plug, Donnie called while Jen was out. Several of our friends were hanging out in our room and after I'd chatted with him a little longer than usual, I said, "Hang on, Lori wants to say hi," and I passed her the phone.

Whether Donnie knew it or not, he was a boyfriend with a rapidly approaching expiration date. And that date would mean the end of our friendships with him too. This was a few years before Facebook insured you'd be connected to even casual acquaintances (provided your friend doesn't insist you de-friend her ex). So we passed the phone around the room, each saying goodbye.

And we never spoke to him again. Because he died. Just kidding. At least I think I'm kidding. I really never heard from him again, so I assume he's alive. Actually he's probably on Facebook. Now if only I could remember his last name...

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  1. um, i totally believed you when you said he died. you should track him down on facebook and report back!!