Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Essential Blow Off Box Set: The Magnetic Field's 69 Love Songs

Last night, myself and hundreds of hipsters were lucky enough to see The Magnetic Fields play at the Wilshire EBell Theater (Thanks AC for getting the tix!).  During the show, I was reminded of St. Clare's music post.  How could I forget about The Magnetic Fields and their three CD box set 69 Love Songs?!

I first heard them when I was living in Berkeley in 2001.  A time when mix tapes were still all the rage and Ipods were yet to be invented.  My friend Genevieve (who could win a Grammy for best mix tape compilations) was the person who introduced me to them.  Stephin Merrit's voice was so low and deep, that I was convinced the batteries in my walkman were dying.  

Here's just a little sample of 69 love songs....the essential box set to surviving or committing a blow off.

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