Friday, March 12, 2010

the "I should have just made out with her" BLOW OFF

The one downside to having a blog called the blow off is having friends remind you of blow offs you'd completely blocked out.   Yesterday, I was gchatting with my friend Shawn from grade school, college, and beyond who is also an avid reader of the blow off (one of our five male readers in fact) and he took it upon himself to remind me of the time I tried to kiss his friend and got totally DENIED.

His friend (we'll call him Ben) was the love of my life in second grade.  My best friend and I both had our sights set on him and even invented a secret language to express our affection (I-I loo-loo blah= I love Ben).  Flash forward to 12 years later.  I'm in college at Cal and run into my old friend Shawn who is living with Ben who I haven't seen since he left our grade school in 4th grade.   Somehow through mutual friends, we all end up at a dance or semi-formal for Cal's athletes, even though none of us played sports.   Shawn reminded me yesterday that I had too much to drink at the party and while dancing with Ben, I either told him I wanted to kiss him or did try to kiss him.  (Author's note:  Back when i was single and would have a few too many, I had a bad habit of telling guys I wanted to kiss them.)  Shawn and I couldn't remember how it all went down, so he decided to go straight to the source.  Ben.   Here's how their conversation went (clearly, I have no shame when it comes to this blog):

"Ben": there is no story man
  you probably have a better one in your head
  I don't even really remember it
 Shawn: dude
  i dont
  come on
3:21 PM did she try and kiss you or did she do it?
  i mean did she ask or did she do it or did you kiss or not
  you have to remember that
 "Ben": I really don't
  I think she just asked if she could kiss me
3:22 PM Shawn: and you did what
 "Ben": didn't kiss her
  I probably stammered off some dumb excuse
  I should have just made out with her
  what an idiot

How embarrassing. So, readers--- tell the truth, have you ever just made out with someone, because it was easier than rejecting them? or do you blow off responsibly?


  1. Trust me. It wasn't you. It was him. "Ben" was a wuss back then.

    But let's be honest, you should have just went for it and not asked!

  2. Hmm. "Ben"... oooh! haha, I think I know who this is. Heheh. Awesome.