Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the mutual BLOW OFF

Once every hundred years or so, a break up happens between two people who amicably agree they should no longer be together.  When their family and friends ask what happened, who hurt who, who said "uncle" first, they smile and reply "it was mutual."  

*COUGH* bull shit*COUGH*

Really?  Does the mutual blow off really exist?  Isn't there always one person that wants to try a little harder to make things work, but gives in b/c it's so clear their other half can barely stand to look at them?  None of my break ups have been mutual, unless circumstances (like moving to another part of the country) got in the way.  And even then, I think one person may have been willing to try an LDR, but was too afraid to admit it (not me).   My six month blow off was basically mutual, but only b/c I wore the poor guy down enough by continuously telling him I didn't see myself falling in love with him.  Ever.  This might be the case for a lot of mutual break ups: one person makes up their mind to end it, but instead of pulling the rug out from under their sig other, they're a total asshole until their sig other does the blowing off for them.

Has anyone out there ever truly had a mutual break up?  Are you sure?  Are you positive? Prove it in the comments section below. 

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