Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the religious BLOW OFF

Short Jewish boys love me.  It's not just because I'm usually the only girl in the bar shorter than them, but it's also because they think I'm Jewish.   And when they find out I'm not Jewish (usually after they ask me what my name is) they make a quick getaway.   I may as well have told them I'm a hermaphrodite.   If they'd just stick around long enough, I could tell them I already have a boyfriend and that he's 6'2", but the conversation never gets past the religious blow off.

My boyfriend was raised catholic.  My family is "technically" muslim, but I was raised by atheists (or agnostics depending on the day).   If we were to have kids together, he'd like to have them baptized.  Me...not so much.  I'm amenable to it, but then I also think we should do every other baby ritual for every other religion (you know, just in case).

Two of my friends in high school that were dating eventually broke up because she was christian and he wasn't.   My friend's sister just broke up with a guy for the same reason. Another friend of mine got blown off by a guy, because he decided not being Jewish was a deal breaker.  Another close friend who practices Santeria nearly didn't marry her current husband, because he shied away from her religious beliefs.   My old co-worker met her husband on J-date.  My sister's husband is Jewish, but it didn't matter to him if his wife was Jewish too.   And now, even Tiger Woods is trying to go back to being a Buddhist to hold on to his wife.  

It's hard enough to meet cool people out there, but when it comes to trying to match religious beliefs, the pool just gets smaller.   I've even had to blow off some friendships, because I couldn't deal with the fact that my friends thought I was going to hell unless I found Jesus. Maybe we all need to be a little more open-minded or maybe it's better to let God get in the way of a love connection?   Jesus Christ, readers, what do you think?


  1. "... he'd like to have them baptized. Me... not so much. I'm AMENable to it." -- unintentional pun, love it.

    Also my tall friend hates you for dating a tall guy :)

  2. haha, i totally did not catch that. and I honestly apologize to all the tall girls in the world. but they should look on the bright side, clothes look better on them and they have long legs.

  3. My brother was once dumped by his longtime girlfriend because she was converting to Judaism and while he was supportive, was not.