Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pop Culture BLOW OFF of the day: No calls, No crying.

Since I'm in a New York state of mind and it's March, it's time for our monthly Sex and the City shout out.  Holy Manolo Blahnick, Batman!  Boys, close your eyes and plug your ears.

Inspired by the Blow Me Off Twice, Shame on Me post, here's a clip of Miranda and Carrie getting into their first "big" fight after Carrie admits to Miranda that she's meeting Mr. Big for lunch (this show is just one pun after another).   Anyway, Miranda's reaction is priceless.  I think we've all been on both sides of this argument.  

Take a look, readers and tell us if you're team Carrie or team Miranda in this clip?  


  1. team miranda - she was right about big and paris.

    we all can get a bit tired about carrie and big, sometimes.

  2. I thought this shit was over like five years ago.

  3. I love that the second I read Anonymous's comment, I knew it was my boyfriend.

  4. OMG I really AM Miranda, aren't I???

    Sara, we have yet to have a big blowout fight like that. Let's do it the next time we go shopping. It'll go like this.

    Sara: You shouldn't have slept with Gosling, Kayoko.

    Kayoko: But he's just so damn HOT, Sara! I can't help it when he comes onto me!

    Sara: Yah, but you KNOW I just slept with him two nights ago!

    Kayoko: I'm sorry, Sara, but I thought we all decided that we would SHARE Gosling!

    Sara: But we made a deal that we would space it out at least two nights!

    Kayoko: Well, I just had a really bad day yesterday and needed a good f*&#. He called, he came over, we did it on the kitchen floor.

    Sara: HOW DARE YOU. Don't you EVER get upset with me when he proposes to me!

    Kayoko: WHAT? Uh-uh, I don't think so. He loves ME! HE TOLD ME SO!

    Sara: You're out of your mind. We talked about having babies together. That's plural.

    Kayoko: YOU BITCH! We agreed, no children!

    Sara: You play it your way, I'll play it mine.

  5. hahaha, I love it! I hope all our fights are about sex with Gosling. Hmmm...actually, that could be the title of our award winning off broadway play. Sex with Gosling.

  6. I totally hate hate hate that I am Miranda. I'm so incredibly judgemental, I have a horrible sense of style, short hair and am always the butch side of my relationship with Sylvie! Also, that makes Sylvie Carrie. But then again, there are moments when I understand the pull of the amazing connection. The connection that you can't turn from. The light blinds you, the heat burns you and yet there you are, wearing sunglasses and applying aloe. Alas, we are all just a bit of Carrie, a bit of Miranda, a bit of Samantha and somewhere deep deep inside (at least for me) a bit of Charlotte.
    Had to post as anonymous for reasons I don't understand because I am a tard but this is Mitra.