Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Stand By Your Man BLOW OFF

My two favorite things about Tiger Woods and Mark Sanford's cringe-worthy press conferences was the fact that there was no tight lipped wife standing behind them.   For once, the strength of a woman wasn't represented by her quiet stance a few feet away from her pitiful husband. Instead it was represented by her absence.

New Rule: the term stand by your man does not apply to sex with prostitutes, sex with other men, sex with Las Vegas cocktail waitresses and porn stars, sex with your Argentinean soul mate, sex with your baby mama videographer when your wife has cancer, oral sex with an intern in the oval office, or sex with a girl in a Utah hotel room who later accuses you of rape.   Stand by your man in many instances is total bull shit.    That's right, Tammy Wynette, you heard me.

Maybe I'm naive and maybe too much raging feminist will scare off our five male readers, but I'm sick of all the media images of supportive wives and girlfriends.   At fifteen, I remember being really confused when Elizabeth Hurley walked the red carpet with Hugh Grant just days after he'd been caught getting a BJ from a hooker.  Ugh, and what about when Rihanna and Chris Brown had their Miami escapade just weeks after he'd beat the shit out of her?

I'm not in a place to judge any of these women, after all, it's the guys that are to blame.   Elin will probably take Tiger back and a lot of other women might do the same thing for the father of their children.   But it is refreshing that Jenny Sanford didn't make that decision.  I hope she sells a lot of books, makes a lot of money, and meets a guy that gives great head. 

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