Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the arts BLOW OFF

Jake and I were becoming good friends but we both knew there was a good chance it would turn into at least a hook up. So one night I headed over to his place and we were hanging out when he brought up the subject of us possibly making out. BIG MISTAKE. Never ask dudes, always go for it. We can push you away if necessary.

Well, after about an hour of discussing I decided – what the hell. So we made out, fooled around, rounded some bases etc. - somewhat pleasurable, mostly awkward. Anyway, the next morning he asked when he could see me again. I was happy he wanted more, but I told him the truth which was that I was in tech for a play and would be really busy for the next week. I thought he got it. And he came to the play which was very nice.

But, when the play ended, and I actually had time to see him, he didn’t seem so enthused anymore. I left him a message saying I was free and would love to get together. But when he called me back, he left a message saying “uh I’m really busy, sorry.” Sure you were busy. I think you were actually offended and took the immature route. Needless to say the hook up is over and so is the friendship. So much for supporting the arts!

For this story

Read: The Heidi Chronicles (a play) by Wendy Wasserstein

Listen to: “Give a Little Love” The Bay City Rollers

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