Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Big City BLOW OFF?

Hot off the presses from The Huffington Post.  Apparently, for those of us who live in big cities like NY, LA, SF, etc.  it's mathematically proven that it's harder for us to meet someone.   Small town America finally has a silver lining! 

So, why is this the case?   Apparently, The bigger the dating pool, the more people we feel we need to BLOW OFF, before we find someone we want to settle down with.   According to the below video, when it comes to dating or even hiring someone for a job, the best mathematical strategy is to automatically reject the first 37% of the candidates REGARDLESS.   Hmm, so maybe the book He's Just Not That Into You should have been called You Were in the 37th Percentile.  

Having lived in NY and LA, I think NY was the harder city to meet people in. Bar hopping is so easy and you have till 4am to hit up as many bars as you want. Sure, you might meet someone you think is cute at Blue and Gold, but maybe there's someone even cuter at 7B. You know what it took for me to embark on a serious relationship with a guy in NY? Moving to LA.

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