Monday, April 26, 2010

Eat, Pray, BLOW OFF

I'm one of the few females that wasn't totally won over by Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love.   I kind of find her writing self indulgent and super whiny.   All I could think about was all the women out there who can't blow off their lives post divorce and don't have a small fortune to travel through Italy, India, and Indonesia for a year.  I wish one of them would write a memoir about the D word.  That said, it's nice that a book about a woman's soul searching was such a huge success, and I wouldn't mind a year of eating and loving (I could skip the praying).   

Then when I heard they were making a movie of the book with Julia Roberts, I had to roll my eyes even more.   I can't remember when I started to find JR annoying, but pretty much everything she's done since My Best Friend's Wedding has been crappy.   After awhile, the smile, the laugh, the "I'm so down to earth" charm felt like a big giant facade.   This movie's only saving grace was the fact that Ryan Murphy (glee, Nip/Tuck) was directing it.  

But I'm a sucker for a good trailer and when I saw this one, I kind of loved it.  Even Julia didn't annoy me.  And Billy Crudup, James Franco, and Javier Bardem offer plenty of eye candy.   My favorite moment is where "elizabeth's" friends tell her a la dog owners, she tends to look like all of her boyfriends.   I know so many girls like that! 


  1. AGREED. I totally could not STAND this book- it's self-indulgent and is such bourgeois baloney (yes, I know the correct spelling).

    But now, this movie looks SO GOOD! Still self-indulgent bourgeois baloney, but it'll be the feel-good movie of the year, prolly make more money than SATC3 and will leave all of us yearning for Javier Bardem.

    This is the JR comeback of a lifetime. Can't wait for it!

  2. I too hated this book! I couldn't even get past Italy, I thought it was such a mediocre snooze. Also don't love JR terribly much, but I will see ANYTHING with Javier Bardem in it. Anything.