Friday, April 16, 2010

the "fun" friend who is actually crazy BLOW OFF

Around five years ago, a "fun girl" befriended me. Let's call her Fiona because that sounds like a fun girl's name. Anyway, Fiona pursued me like a tweener pursues Justin Bieber. We met in an improv class and immediately she wanted to be my bestie. She called me, texted me, emailed me and wanted to hang out with me all the time. Although I was a little weirded out by the slightly stalker-like behavior of Fiona, we became friends. Why? Because she was a "fun girl." She was the girlfriend you go dancing with, stay out way too late with and generally have a crazy time with. She was that girl who said things you weren't supposed to say, wore ridiculous things like wigs out to restaurants, and seemed to have a ton of energy.

And then, as quickly as we had become friends - poof! She disappeared. I tried to call her a few times and she never returned my calls and I actually felt sad. It was like she was breaking up with me. Where had she gone? Was she mad at me? What did I do?

Then I found out, I didn't do anything... well, except befriend an unstable nut job. It turns out Fiona had moved in with a guy she just met and was planning to get married (I later learned that this ended a couple of weeks later.) I also learned that Fiona went through friends like Heidi Montag goes through plastic surgeries. I wasn't the only one. She also went in and out of rehab, started career paths she never finished, and was constantly searching for something new. New look, new friends, new Fiona.

So my advice? Be wary of the "fun girl." "Fun" can also be code for "bat shit crazy." It's great for awhile but like our brief friendship, it's unsustainable.


  1. I feel like so many of the female characters in movies that guys fall in love with are like this--- quirky free spirit types--- it's kind of a male fantasy. but you're right, the trade off is they're crazy.

  2. I love being friends with cray people. They are the most fun people to hang out with when you're young. The hard part comes when you're older and they want to stay at your house with your family and their equally crazy 20 yr old girlfriend and you have to pretend to 'have the in laws' in town.

  3. Quirky, free-spirit type females = more spontenous = more likely to spontaneously take her clothes off = usually good times unless you decide to marry her... QED