Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glossary of a BLOW OFF: Area Code

This one comes courtesy of my boyfriend. He's not allowed to read my blogs, but I still have to give credit where credit is due.

Part of speech
: Noun

Definition: A 3 digit rating system to determine a person's hotness/desirability. The 1st digit is a ranking of subject's face on a scale of 1-9; the 3rd digit is the ranking of subject's body on a scale of 1-9; and the 2nd digit is either a 0 or a 1, with 0=you wouldn't have sex with subject, and 1=you would. 

Example: "That guy is a 909! Ridiculously hot, but such a douche I can't stand to be around him." OR "He's a 616. Average looking, but so smart and funny I think I'm falling in love!"  

And if someone is so molten-lava hot and awesome you can't quantify it, their area code is "unlisted".

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  1. I think I'm somewhere between 919 and unlisted. i am so going to use this method from now on.