Friday, April 2, 2010

the media BLOW OFF

The hurt. The betrayal. The utter disappointment in something you came to depend on, only to realize your feelings were never truly considered. Yes, I’m talking about being utterly betrayed by your favorite tv show, author, or musician...You laugh, perhaps even scoff, but you know it has happened to you. You devoutly follow a program, buy a singer's albums for years, or become so obsessed with a book you realize you haven't showered in days (okay, so I may be the only one on this) and then suddenly, you are punched in the gut by your old foe: disappointment.

For starters, take your favorite TV program. Everything is moving along so well, you're buying what they're selling, the characters are engaging to that believable degree, and then suddenly, WHAM, your favorite show jumps the shark (thank you Fonzi) in such a way that to stay and watch would reinforce that you are fine with your IQ taking a serious nosedive. '24' springs to mind. With this season half way thru, I have come to realize that I am the battered tv wife. Another arab villain (how unique), more impossible schematics sent to Jack's PDA, and oh, shocker, another mole within CTU. Seriously does this place vet agents while they’re still in prison? And yet, it's taken me until episode ten to contemplate stepping away from the glowing poison box and saying, enough! Some blow offs take time. In this case, almost 8 years.

When it comes to books, I find the disappointment even richer, simply due to the obsessive allure of the fictional world. I remember reading The Alienist, followed by Angel of Darkness. I was utterly hooked, riveted, blown backwards by the in depth portrayal of quirky characters created... I simply could not get enough. And when I finished, I waited patiently for the follow-up. I checked with the book stores like a junky, eagerly anticipating his next novel. And then what did the author do? He put out a sci-fi book, and not a palatable star wars-esque Hans Solo love triangle piece of mind porn, but hardcore sci-fi with alien invasions and robots. Supposedly it was his true inner calling. Put the pen down L. Ron. If I wanted to hear about aliens taking over the earth I'd hit the center. In this case, I feel like it was I, the reader, that was seriously blown off. Thanks for that Mr. Carr.

Then there is the musician. And trust me this one hurts the most. Cause you’ve most likely lived your life to a certain degree by some of your favorite artist's material. The memories far and deep put to a soundtrack: your first heartbreak song, the getting ready to go out song, the roadtrip song; hell, the I just feel like crying song, so I'm going to put you on and do just that. And you sing the lyrics time and time again, swearing that this person knows just how you feel, or knows at least how to make you feel better. And you find yourself believing their every emotion, feeling some sort of kinship ('this song speaks to me damn it!') Until that fateful day when you read an interview or blog site that exposes this singer/band for the true idiot(s) that they really are. And for some, it’s far past idiocy, it’s cringeworthy shallowness that defies all logic. In fact you wonder if they can string a sentence together at all, let alone write a poetic lyric. And you find yourself wondering how you ever listened to their songs in the first place. And so you put down the ipod, step away slowly, and vow never to do it again....and like any decent break up worth its salt, when you hear that song on the radio, its tainted. Now you hear the real idiot behind the lyrics. The one that spouts about their sex life, penis size, and racist tendencies (yes, JM I’m talking about you). Suddenly all that musical talent goes right out the window.

But creativity is like the dating world, there are many more fish in the sea. And you tell yourself there will be more to tempt you with and draw you in, more shows, books and artists that will make you fall in love all over again. And you foolishly look forward to the day when you'll do just that.

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  1. i totally felt this way about dawson's creek when pacey and audrey started dating and joey was totally cool with it. grey's anatomy basically lost me completely once george and izzie started sleeping together.