Thursday, April 29, 2010

the night Jimmy Fallon BLEW ME OFF

It was the summer of 2001 and I had left Norcal to attend summer school at NYU. I can't remember how my crush on Jimmy Fallon started or which SNL sketch made him my #1 celebrity crush, but among my new NYU bffs, my undying love for Jimmy became one of our many running jokes that hot, humid, pre-9/11 summer.

One of our favorite things to do in NY with our fake IDs was 80s nights at Don Hill's in the West Village. Give me Billy Idol and alcohol and I'm all smiles. But when my friends told me that they'd had Jimmy Fallon sightings at Don Hill's, it became my new favorite place in the world.

So, one night, after six tequila shots in our dingy NYU dorm room, me and my roommate from San Diego headed to Don Hill's together. For some reason, when we got to the bar, we decided to start drinking red bull and vodka. I'm having a vomit flashback just thinking about it. We hit the dance floor with our drinks and my much calmer and cooler roommate whispered to me that Jimmy Fallon was standing right behind us. I thought she was full of shit, but when I turned around, sure enough--- there he was--- double fisting two beers. She warned me to play it cool, but when you're 20 and filled with tequila, that's nearly impossible.

I walked straight up to Jimmy and asked him why he was drinking two beers at the same time, then pulled one out of his hand and proceeded to pound it. There were two girls with him, a blonde and a brunette, and I couldn't tell if they had just met him that night or if they were his regular girlfriends. It didn't matter. My next move was to ask him what his name was and pretend like I had no idea he was famous. He said his name was Jimmy (duh) and asked me my name. He smiled politely and then basically went back to his friends.

The rest of the night is kind of hazy. I think at one point we maybe sort of danced together to Freedom by George Michael, then after that I ended up getting sick in the bathroom. Once I semi recovered, Jimmy was on his way out. I asked him if he was leaving and gave him a hug good bye and I'm pretty sure I kissed him on the cheek or he kissed me on the cheek. I have no idea. He left arm in arm with the brunette, while I wallowed in jealousy.

Somehow I managed to get myself home in a cab, where my roommate who had stayed behind held my hair back while I got sick and shouted "Jimmy Fallon" between puke sessions. When my other roommate finally got home, she broke the news no one under 21 wants to hear. Her purse had been emptied out and both our fake IDs were gone.

I woke up the next morning feeling super embarrassed. I didn't like being the girl that had no shame when it came to trying to bag a celebrity. And I promised myself I'd never act like that again. If that meant never having a one night stand with Ryan Gosling, then so be it. Plus, celebrity crushes never last. I don't even think Jimmy Fallon makes it on my top ten list anymore and while I have enjoyed his late night show, I've probably only seen it twice. Now that I'm a little older and wiser, the thing I actually find the most attractive about him is that he ended up marrying a smart & successful woman. Someone i'm guessing never pulled a beer out of his hand and followed him around all night in a club. I'm sure that's worked for a lot of groupies, but as quickly as the morning after, I knew that kind of behavior deserved a blow off.


  1. Great story! Ahh the memories, however, you remember the night much better than I do! And losing our id's... talk about devastation! Ugh.

  2. omg, i love your story. i too love jimmy fallon, and u did prolly what i would do. I just turned 21 so im around the age u were when u met him. supper funny and cute story. :]