Thursday, April 8, 2010

the Real Housewives BLOW OFF: REVISITED

Okay, so in last week's post regarding the friendship BLOW OFF between Bethenny and Jill, I said I was team Jill.  But then I saw another episode of RHofNY and now I'm totally team Bethenny.   Here's what happened:

Bethenny started feeling like the falling out with Jill was blown way out of proportion (right after she didn't get invited to Jill's luncheon at Saks 5th Avenue.)  She called Jill, because she wanted to hash it out with her.  So, Jill answered the phone, but put Bethenny on speaker phone (um, bitchy) so that the Countess (and the Bravo viewing audience) could hear their entire conversation.  Jill basically told Bethenny that their friendship was over and that she doesn't even want to talk to her.   I'm a big believer that most blow offs are worth discussing, but Jill wasn't having it.  Bethenny was left to wipe away her tears, while sadly leaning against her sleek black town car.  

I was so confused.  I thought Jill was right, but now I feel bad for Bethenny.   Then I remembered I know people who used to work at Bravo, so I went to them for the answers.  My "source" told me that he hasn't been following the show this season, but that whatever is going on, Bethenny is right.  Apparently, she's the only one that has a clue about why she's on a reality show.  The same source also said that Jill's only redeeming quality is that she sometimes refers to herself by her first and last name.  Snap!

I can't wait to watch tonight to see what happens when Ramona invites Bethenny over to her place without telling Jill.  It's gonna be AWE-some.  

PS does anyone care about this other than me?  
PPS I'm gonna keep blogging about it anyway.  


  1. Oh man, kill me... I've never watched Real Housewives, but am sure I don't care about it :)

    Here's a question that some of the ladies can answer in a future article (soon) --

    Hypothetically, you're little brother is friends with this one girl. Well he tells her he's interested in being more than friends, and she says she wants them to be "just friends". He comes and asks you for advice. What should he do? Has this happened to you before and what did you do? Is it possible to go from friend to "more than friends" or will he get run over trying to cross the street between Friendshipville and RelationshipLand? Does this result in some type of blow off? (You know, hypothetical situation.)

  2. great "hypothetical" question. We'll get back to you asap on this. in the meantime, watch a real housewives marathon.

  3. saaara, we need another post from last week's episode. i am now 100% team B. jill zarin is a total faker. FAKER!

  4. I totally agree, Slim. I think we're the only two people that care about this, but I will write another post.