Monday, April 5, 2010

"Relax.": Don't Do It

Fights are healthy. Especially when you're at a point in a relationship where one argument doesn't = blow off. (Although, I do know of a couple arguments that inadvertently evolved into break ups, but that's another post all together...) You'd think the more committed and in love you are with someone, the less severe the fights, but I think the opposite is true. A sense of security combined with feeling totally at ease means we're also more likely to show our darker sides in those uneasy moments. The good news is, usually we forgive each other a lot faster.

That said, fights are still uncomfortable and we'd still rather avoid them no matter how great the make up sex is. And in hindsight, we're bound to feel like there were things we shouldn't have said or that maybe we overreacted. I'll admit, I may be a little too good at fighting. I've got a bit of a knack for coming up with mean things to say on the fly (if anyone knows how i can make a career out of that, please tell me). So, for all the guys out there who may have girlfriends like me who are known to have an outburst or two, here's a tip to make your next fight a little easier. There's one word in the English language you should never, ever, ever utter in a fight. The word of the day is: "relax."

This tends to be a guy's favorite go to in an argument and I'd love to hear if any of you dudes actually got your sig other to calm down after saying it. Whether or not our reasons for being angry are A. completely and totally warranted or B. completely and totally unwarranted, the word "relax" will pretty much always make us fly off the handle even more. It doesn't work, it only makes things worse, stop saying it.

Here's another tip. If you really want us to relax: draw us a bath and give us a massage (preferably with a happy ending). I promise, we will not respond with angry expletives.


  1. OH MY GOD. You've hit the nail on the head. If it's one huge pet peeve I have (ok, ok, I have more than just one), it's the word "relax". It pisses me off to no end when people utter those words to me. HOW DARE THEY.

  2. relax babe. draw yourself a bath.

  3. I tend to use this --

  4. "relax, calm down, you're crazy" - the more you say these words to me the more i act the opposite, except the "you're crazy" part i get more crazy.....

  5. I like how this site proves that girls aren't in any way completely nuts.

  6. Evan, that's hilarious. Especially coming from the guy that inspired this post:

    PS Kayoko and I think you should become our first male contributor.