Friday, April 30, 2010

the week in celebrity BLOW OFFS

the blow up:  Jenna Jameson (former porn star) and Tito Ortiz (UFC Champ) got into a big fight and Jenna had Tito arrested for domestic violence.   He then accused her of being an Oxycontin addict.   Now, they're both saying their allegations against each other were blown out of proportion and they're trying to work it out.  Good luck with that.  

the baby & the blow off: Wait, hold up, between award season and the break up with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock had adopted a baby and no one knew about it?!   This is a crazy third act twist that even M. Night Shyamalan wouldn't have come up with.   I'm glad Sandra confirmed that she's filed for divorce, good for her.  But the whole situation is sad and I wish someone would invent a time machine so Jesse James could go back and keep it in his pants.

the rumored blow off: TMZ claims today that Halle Berry and her man Gabriel Autry have called it quits and are quietly working out custody arrangements for baby Nahla.   But they're both so beautiful and they just had a child together not too long ago.  I'm so confused.  What could have gone wrong?   Somebody better have a drug problem or an infidelity problem, because if these two just got bored and fell out of love, then that doesn't bode well for the rest of us.

the week's biggest blow off:  Julia Roberts was supposed to land the cover of People Magazine's most beautiful people issue, but she was relegated to the upper right hand corner when Sandra Bullock gave them the exclusive about her divorce and adoption.   I don't care how nice everyone says JR is, I would not have wanted to be the person who had to tell her she lost the cover to America's now more famous sweetheart.  

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