Monday, May 24, 2010

BLOWING OFF email rage

I've been known to suffer from email rage and I'm really good at being bitchy.  This is a deadly combination.  On more than a couple of occasions (particularly when it came to work emails) I've instantly regretted hitting the send button in response to an email that rubs me the wrong way.  Actually, scratch that--- the regret isn't instant--- it only comes when I get a return email chiding me for my attitude (once, no joke, HR was cc'd).

Here's my problem.  I get pissed and react right away.  I don't take deep breathes.  I don't count to ten.  I don't let other people get the last word and sometimes I even reply to all.  In my defense, some people are way worse than I am, at least I never use ALL CAPS or multiple !!!!!! when engaging in an email argument. recently published an article on email rage which starts from the urge to react quickly.  These days, when I get the need to write a response while my blood is still boiling, I save it as a draft and sleep on it.  Usually, the next day or even the next hour, I come to my senses and write a much milder response.   Another great rule to go by is to respond face to face or with a phone call.  No one wants their temporary meltdown saved forever and forwarded to friends, families, co-workers....or to

I've never had a romance end over email, but I've had a couple of big fights with girlfriends via the information super highway.   I guess it's a safer way to argue, you state your side of the story without any interruptions.  The thing is, sometimes letting people interrupt you while you're on a tirade is a good thing.  Not to mention, so much in email is misconstrued. Something that reads bitchy, might sound totally non-threatening when verbalized.  I'm super paranoid about things coming off the wrong way and while I avoid the all caps and the exclamation marks, I am a big supporter of smiley faces :)

So, readers: spill.  Have any of your relationships been impacted  by a bout of email rage? Comment below!


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