Monday, May 17, 2010

BLOWING OFF the "stuff"

I don't keep anything that reminds me of ex-boyfriends.  In fact, I make a point to throw it all away, preferably in some dramatic fashion.  When the high school boyfriend I mentioned in the rebound blow off alluded to the fact that he wanted to break up, I drove home from college so that we could talk in person.   I think at the time he thought we were going to have a state of the union address, but thanks to my mom, we had a break up instead.   I had called her crying in the middle of the night after an upsetting phone conversation with him where I asked him if he still loved me and he responded with "I don't know."   When I recounted that detail to my mom, she said that I shouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who wasn't sure if they loved me or wanted to be with me.  That put the final nail in the coffin.  

So, I prepared for our in person meeting by making a huge pile of everything high school boyfriend had given me over the course of the two years we dated.  He even watched as I tore a Dawson's Creek poster he'd bought me off my bedroom wall.   A necklace, a ring, a bracelet, cards, drawings, etc etc.  I threw it all in a garbage bag and made him take it all home--- cause I didn't need any reminders of getting blown off.  

I've burned pictures, broken mixed CDs, thrown away heartfelt cards, deleted countless emails, donated clothing, and so on and so forth.  I've had my sentimental moments in the past and kept relationship souvenirs in shoe boxes under my bed, but inevitably something happened that warranted throwing it all away.  I don't think it's healthy to hoard items from relationships past and blowing off the stuff has always been my first step in moving on.   But not everyone has the urge to purge.   I have friends who've got ex-boyfriend reminders in their living rooms.  My BF still has a robe and pajama set that was a gift to him from his ex-gf's mom.  And some of you still have pictures with your ex's in your facebook photo albums.  Oh  no, not me.  I'd delete that shit within minutes of a break up.   So, readers-- where do you stand on blowing off the stuff?  Totally necessary or totally immature? 

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  1. I'm a total hoarder. At least I was until my husband and I moved in together and it occurred to me that he could stumble across any number of weird used to be sentimental souvenirs from loves past. I've been throwing them away as I come across them ever since. Purging each break up as they occur is a much smarter idea.