Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glossary of a BLOW OFF: Boyfiend Girls

Boyfriend Girls
Function: Noun
Origin: since forevs
Definition: 1. females who somehow, without fail, always have a boyfriend.

("Jane's a boyfriend girl, that bitch hasn't been single since grade school.")

I'm guessing you either know a boyfriend girl or you are a boyfriend girl. Not to pass judgement (famous last words), but I've never really understood how these girls do it. Yes, I need alone time and space to reflect between relationships, BUT even if I wanted to go from one boyfriend to the next, I couldn't. I've had dry spells. Days, weeks, months between BLOW OFFs where there isn't a prospect in sight. Are these girls just not as picky as the rest of us? Do they never completely blow someone off unless they know there is another guy waiting in the wings? Maybe I'm wrong to single out the chiquitas here, but I've got to hand it to you dudes, most of you are pretty good at not getting seriously involved with the ladies when you want to be "single".


  1. There's a couple terms for this --

    I've also heard it described as women who swing from one branch to another. They don't let the old branch go until they have a firm grasp on a new one.

  2. typically, from my experience, boyfriend girls are really really hot.

  3. i know some hot ones, but i know more than a few ugly ones too.

  4. omg Sara you are so hilarious. i def know serial monogamists, both men and women.

    i'm a serial single girl, so i can't pass any judgement. it's just as bad over here.

  5. anonymous: so you're saying you don't think your wife is really really hot? i know for a fact she was never a boyfriend girl.