Monday, May 10, 2010

I had to BLOW YOU OFF (or else you wouldn't be a one night stand)

A great one night stand story from one of our readers. (Remember, you too can send us your story at

This is the story of my first and last one night stand, which also happens to coincide with hands down, one of the best nights of living in the NYC. The night read like a montage in a witty and smart romantic comedy. It could have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But instead it was just another blow off....

Part One: that Union Sqaure Bar I can't seem to remember

It all started with a bar in Union Square (yes, the one I can't seem to remember) where 'lil guns and roses'played a set. I mean, that alone is just awesome: A little girl with long blonde hair playing the part of Axl Rose? Amazing. CUT TO:

I'm at the bar next to this 'Smith Jerrod' looking guy who immediately gets friendly, buys drinks, and walks me back to the roof deck to find my sister, already engaged in conversation with some hotness. The guy is going on and on about lil guns and roses and how they have a huge following in his homeland of Latvia. We were hooked for a good 30 minutes - I mean we'd never met anyone from Latvia so who were we to say if his accent was fake? The truth finally surfaced. The guy was actually from another foreign land: Queens.

It could have been the drinks, the perfect new york night weather or lil guns and roses tunes still floating in our heads, whatever it was, Latvia and Smith Jerrod were there to stay, by our side for the night.

Part Two: Duane Reade

En route to meet some friends at the Beauty Bar, me and my new partner in crime decided to take a detour. Yes, one might think we snuck into some NY alley for a quick make-out session, but NO this detour was about my feet. They'd been killing me all night from my killer black heels and Smith Jerrod being the gentleman that he was, made me stop at Duane Reade for a pair of plastic grandma wedge shoes. Let me help you conjure up the image: they were uglier than crocs. And because we were very drunk, we also walked out of there sporting matching tropical print visors. So, here I am with rolled up jeans, ugly grandma shoes and a tropical visor. I mean, I looked like I belonged in a Florida retirement home, not the streets of Manhattan. Regardless, Smith and I were laughing to tears, hand-in-hand, skipping into the Beauty Bar.

Part Three: the M15 bus

Post Beauty Bar, me, Smith, my sister and a few other friends wandered the streets of the East Village aimlessly (well, not that aimlessly. We were conveniently close to my apartment). Just as we were moments away from one night stand bliss, the M15 bus pulled up. Before I knew what was happening, Smith dragged me on to the bus and we happily waved good bye to our friends who watched us drive off like we were crazy. The bus ride only lasted 2 blocks to a nearby flower stand where Smith proceeded to buy me a sunflower. This may sound romantic, but it just added to the hilarity and randomness of the evening.

Part four: the morning after

The one night stand did come to fruition and the blow-off came the morning after. Even in the hung-over morning hours I knew this night would go down as one of the best nights of my NYC life. It was the kind of night you just don't have in other cities and I had to do everything it took to make sure it stayed that way. So, as Smith Jerrod was pulling himself together, asking for my phone #, I replied "nah, but we'll always have lil' guns and roses."


  1. She should have given this guy another chance. If they had so much fun, maybe he would been a good match.

  2. Wtf! Seriously, what's wrong with you?

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