Friday, May 28, 2010

pop culture NON-BLOW OFF of the day: Married Life

We bitch a lot about break ups on this site, but truth be told, we've all experienced the kind of relationship bliss that keeps us hoping that maybe one day, we'll never be blown off again.  So, for all of you readers with a sentimental side, here's my favorite movie montage of all time (my bf can attest to me basically having an emotional breakdown while watching it). 

Set to an Academy Award winning score by Michael Giacchino (the same guy who did the music for LOST), this sequence on the highs and lows of married life from the movie Up is pitch perfect.  Here's to all of you experiencing that kind of love.  Happy weekend!  


  1. Omg I am in TEARS watching this... It's so moving. That thing called Love.