Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the professional BLOW OFF:

One of our faithful readers sent me an article awhile back on, a service created by a guy named Brad who offers to "take the messiness out of any break up." In other words, for a mere $10, Brad will break up with your gf/bf for you! Of course, if you're asking him to break up an engagement, that'll cost you a little more ($25) and a divorce call is even more than that ($50). The extra salt in the wound is free: Brad posts all the break up calls on youtube.

I was intrigued by Brad and his business, so I sent him an email to see if we could do a little interview with him for the blow off. He responded right away and asked what I had in mind. At first, I suggested he let me break up with someone for him, but he didn't go for that. So, then a few weeks ago, I sent him some interview questions. Brad said he was fighting a cold, but after he felt better he'd respond. Well, guys, I think Brad blew me off, cause I never heard back (even after I followed up with him). I mean, the least the guy could have done is hired someone to call me and tell me he didn't have time to do the interview. I guess Brad takes the "avoid" route when it comes to his own blow offs.  But maybe he's just been really busy with dumping people and maybe there's still hope that he'll get back to me (a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway, Brad calls himself an asshole on his site, but maybe he's doing some good in the world. I mean, who wants to get depressed over someone that doesn't even have the balls or ovaries to break up with them on their own?  And according to Brad, guess who mostly uses his service? Girls.  My one complaint is I'm not sure how legit his site actually is.  After listening to some of the calls, they just sound really fake to me.  Take a listen to the below and see what you think.

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  1. omg how did i miss this????

    this cousin one must be a scam, but some of the others are just awesome. i just listened to one about a guy dumping his gf cause she's a "slob". HAHAHA.

    The Blow Off is so ahead of its time!