Friday, May 14, 2010

the rebound BLOW OFF

It was sophomore year in college and I'd just been dumped by my high school boyfriend who I'd actually dumped six months prior.   We had stupidly decided to give things another shot and when he broke up with me, I was totally blindsided.   I felt that empty anxious I'm all alone feeling for about a month after our break up and then on a park bench in the middle of our campus quad, I met this guy who'd also just been dumped.   Initially, it just felt nice to trade war stories, but then he started coming by my dorm room all the time and asking me to hang out and go see him play music.  That might sound sexy, but he had actually done one of those create your own majors and his was some sort of combo computer science/music major.  So, watching him play music literally meant listening to electronic beats that were signaled by the direction a stuffed animal Big Bird moved his eyes.  Seriously.  

Deep down, I knew he wasn't someone I'd ever be interested in dating seriously, but I thought I was long overdue for my first post blow off date.  So, I agreed to have coffee with him.

The date was awful and super awkward and just made me more depressed about my break up. Suddenly, the guy I briefly considered a kindred spirit just seemed creepy and strange.   I hated him for asking me out and I hated my ex boyfriend for dumping me and putting me in this situation in the first place.   I don't remember the exact details of the coffee date and why I was so miserable, but I do remember that we had to take a bus back to campus together.   Maybe he realized I wasn't interested and was trying to save face or he thought I'd be turned on, but all of a sudden he started telling me about this girl that lived down the hall with him in the dorms that he'd been having sex with.  It would have been one thing to just reference the girl he was sleeping with, but Mr. Big Bird was very detailed.  He told me about the positions they'd done it in, her affinity for talking dirty, and the scratch marks on his back.  I was trapped on the bus with him, I didn't know what do except nod and pretend I was interested.  I'm pretty sure I went home and cried after.   As far as rebounds go, I guess a good rule of thumb is if the mere sight of the person gives you heebeegeebees, maybe it's worth it to wait on the whole moving on thing.  


  1. You sure get involved with some winners.

  2. I had a similar experience after a cheater-breakup. I went on eHarmony & met a guy that seemed normal. Dinner was awkward & while discussing my dog, he told me he believed in shock collars & that he thought "beating the shit out of my dog" was the way to help her potty train her!?! I left & called my ex & proceeded to scream at him about how it was all his fault I was in a situation like that with a potential psycho serial killer...pathetic? Yes, but aren't all breakups?