Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Narcissistic Personality BLOW OFF

It probably wasn’t a good idea to cap off my holiday weekend, which started with the depressingly disappointing “Sex and the City 2”, with back-to-back episodes of “Real Housewives of New York” on demand. As a huge fan of the SATC series and a generally harsh movie critic besides, I didn’t expect “The Godfather” but I did expect to see the characters I know and love behave somewhat like the complex human beings they used to be. Instead, I saw unapologetic self-centered, self-indulgent behavior that was mostly painful to watch. Halfway through the movie I was so bored I started texting my boyfriend to see what he wanted for dinner. 

Then on Sunday I decided it was a good idea to watch some “Real Housewives” since I had missed most of the season. It was more entertaining than SATC2, but even more disturbing. I have no psychological training or particular knowledge on the subject, but watching those ladies (Bethenny excluded – she seems not to be mentally ill) the words “narcissistic personality disorder” kept coming to mind. And I remembered a psychiatrist friend of mine saying that she would happily deal with bi-polar and depressed patients all day long than ones with personality disorders, because at least the former can be treated and the latter were pretty hopeless. This would explain SO much about Kelly and Jill and Ramona’s behavior! This would explain why Carrie can’t stop playing the petulant victim even in her 40s! They can’t help themselves! So I headed to wikipedia for a definition to confirm:

“[A] pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy."

Oh. Hell. Yes. This does explain everything. Carrie has a mild case, but those Housewives – is it a requirement to be cast on that show? Just when I thought I couldn’t stand to watch another delusional, self-congratulatory Housewives meltdown. Just when I thought Jill in a skating costume doing an ice skating solo at her gross holiday party was beyond my comprehension. Carrie acting like a TV in the bedroom is the worst thing EVER in the history of the world? Now I get it. Now I understand. This is like some sort of slick, twenty-first century cautionary tale. I watch on my TV so when I see it in the world I know to run very quickly in the opposite direction. Who needs medical school when you have wikipedia and reality TV?


  1. Kelly is a nut job! and Jill in the iceskating outfit was ridiculous. Bethenny is and always will be my favorite. I can't wait to watch tonight's episode with her and Jill going to lunch...i love me my RHofNY!

  2. What I can't wait for is the reunion! What was with Jill going all ape shit on Ramona for not telling her B's dad was dying?? Because she couldn't care less when Alex tried to tell her! Please god someone call her on that!! I hope B tells her to take a flying leap, that woman is a nightmare!