Friday, June 4, 2010

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: it's hard to find people who will love you no matter what.

I'm finally going to see SATC 2 with some girlfriends tonight and I'm terrified of all the horrendous reviews the movie has been getting.  Even people who's opinion I trust hated it.  So, I've decided I'm going to watch it with an open mind and after drinking two cosmos.  The series was just so great and such a big part of my twenties and living in New York that I hate to think of it being tainted.  I also really resent how much guys ridicule the show and I don't want them to be right about it sucking.  Then, I heard yesterday that the next movie was going to be the prequel that Candace Bushnell just published (the Carrie Diaries) and that none other than Miley Cyrus is vying to play Carrie.  Holy fucking Manolo.  What has the world come to?   

Let's just focus on when the franchise wasn't really a franchise yet and when the show was still honor of Aidan being in the sequel, below is Aidan and Carrie's first break up.  Also, I found this amazing montage of clips set to a Michael Bolton song, that I highly recommend watching after.  


  1. so did you like the movie? I hate Miley Cyrus, can she be more annoying??

  2. I'm dying to hear your review!