Friday, June 11, 2010

the puma bag & the BLOW OFF

I have a theory that break-ups happen in threes. At least that was true for us in the winter/spring of 2005 in New York City. Three close girlfriend's, two in serious relationships, one rekindling an old flame, all single by summer. This is the story of my friend Kayoko's break up and how it involved a puma bag.

The night started out at KGB bar in the east village. Kayoko, her then bf, myself and a few other friends met for drinks. K and her BF seemed like they were as chipper as always. Afterwards, some of us decided to go to a Tribeca Films party, but the two of them opted out and went home. We used to always wonder if things would have played out differently if they stayed out with us.

The next morning, I get a call from Kayoko. She and then boyfriend got into a huge fight and had broken up. I was stunned. Everything seemed great the night before. I remember sitting on a bench with her in Tompkin's Square Park and listening to her recount the details. Kayoko never cries, but that day, the tears were flowing. She even had a roll of toilet paper with her all day to prepare for another tearful onslaught. At the time, I played the role of supportive friend, but I remember thinking my words of comfort might be a waste of my time: this was just a fluke. A fight that turned into a break up and they were going to get back together.

But after some time went by with no contact, Kayoko wanted to get all of her things from her EXbf and give him all the stuff he'd left at her apartment, but she refused to see him or talk to him. I was given the task of being the intermediary. I was fine with it, because when it comes to bad break ups, friends should be willing to do anything to help each other. EXbf and I emailed each other and ended up making the exchange at a subway station. I remember it was the 1,9 somewhere in Tribeca. Maybe Canal Street? The interaction was very brief. I sort of fantasized about having some long emotional talk with the guy to get some insight as to why he'd made the biggest mistake of his life, but no such conversation took place.

All of Kayoko's things fit in the context of his puma bag. So, even in trying to get rid of every reminder of him, he still managed to leave her with something that belonged to him. She wanted nothing to do with the puma bag. I got it in the break up and it remained my dependable gym bag even after I left NY and moved to LA. Years ago, I gave it back to her. It was worn out and had a hole in it and I was gonna throw it out, but she said she might as well keep it. I guess the good news is, time heals all wounds and even though it might take awhile, a puma bag really is just a puma bag.

PS this post was written with Kayoko's permission. I will not post your break up stories without asking first besties.

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  1. couldn't ask for a more supportive bestie. in retrospect, it was so childish to make you do that, but it made perfect sense at the time! Sara, you're the best for putting up with me all those years.

    yup, i still have the Puma bag. i even used it in my big move. it is just a Puma bag, afterall.