Friday, June 4, 2010

this American BLOW OFF

I don't listen to NPR as often as I should, but when I'm stuck in LA traffic and my radio dial lands on 89.3, I instantly feel smarter, happier, and prettier.   Okay, maybe just smarter.  Plus, when you catch something amazing by chance on the radio, you somehow feel like you were meant to hear it.  Well, a couple years ago, I heard the first part of a This American Life episode devoted to break-ups (and aptly titled "Break-Up.")   

Writer Starlee Kine is going through a painful break up and decides that in order to make herself feel better, she's going to write her very own break up song.  So, she goes to the expert: Phil Collins.  It's one of the most honest exchanges about break ups I've ever heard and has just the right balance of vulnerability and humor.  I highly recommend listening to the entire episode here, (plus, how can you resist her adorable voice?)  or click below for part one entitled "Dr. Phil."  Word is, they're even developing this into a movie...

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